Spirit Speaks through Dreams

Stratospheric Cloud lit by a rising sun coloring the sky in long trails of deep orange, red, purple and blue.

Dad is speaking to me in my dream

Spirit speaks through dreams, and I love hearing from family and friends. On Mother’s Day my dad paid me a visit. In the dream, I am holding a photograph of my father. As I gaze at his image my attention is drawn to a voice speaking in the distance. Initially, the voice is indistinguishable, but as it grows stronger, or draws closer, I recognize its tone and cadence. That’s my father’s voice! It is an exact match and I know he is there with me.

I notice he is holding a small white sphere between his thumb and index finger. He is describing the characteristics of this sphere. He notes its perfect shape, and states that this golf ball sized sphere is me – complete, compact, and wonderfully efficient. In the dream I am thinking to myself, “Why is Dad comparing me to a golf ball sized sphere? Anyone can see I am not anything like that little sphere.”

Symbols, the language of dreams, speak louder than words

Upon waking, I recall the distinct quality of my dad’s voice. Although I cannot remember the exact words he spoke, I somehow understand his inference. I remember him comparing me to a sphere, and that sparks my remembering the three character descriptors — complete, compact, and wonderfully efficient. Dad was singing my praises, like he always did, and, true to form, I thought he was exaggerating. He is correct that I am wonderfully efficient, but “complete” and “compact” are questionable qualifiers. And why is he equating me to a sphere?

A sphere is a circle that projects in three dimensions. It leads out in all directions, and “the longest journey around the surface of a sphere is the one that eventually leads you home again” (Greer, 2005, 195). This sacred geometric shape is symbolic of the cosmos with the sun, the moon, the planets, and the stars. This is an apropos symbol for my father to choose. He was an engineer and an artist, and, serendipitously, the logo I created for The Krista Vibe is composed of a spherical universe —a sun, held by a crescent moon, surrounded by planets and stars.

A mindful universe of spirit communes through dreams

These celestial bodies evoke other worlds, and as a trance medium I traverse the ethereal realms in-between. Learning to communicate with spirit has been a long journey, and my dad witnessed most of it. Unfortunately, he missed the last bit when I made a commitment to find my way home. My dad’s visit reassures me that he continues to track my progress.

“The divine or the spiritual is­ our name for the furthest limit of our perceptions” (Greer, 2005, 28), and this furthest limit is accessible through our dreams. Spirit speaks through dreams, and to understand them we must shift our perspective and engage our imagination and intuition.

In my dream, my dad-in-spirit captured my attention and conveyed his spirit-perspective to reorient my human-perspective. I will follow his lead and heed his vantage point. I am a stellar being – an sphere of energy expanding in three dimensions making my way home through a mindful universe. It is reassuring to know that Dad is participating with me, speaking through my dreams.

The sun, a cresent moon and stars and the ethereal realm in-between where spirit speaks through dreams.
The Krista Vibe

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