My First Blog

Before I begin each session, the room needs a little work.

No matter where I am, the space I will be using needs to be “cleared” to create an environment that is conducive to connecting with Spirit.

I use my Himalayan singing bowl to bring the frequencies into alignment. This clears away the static and provides a crisp, clear connection.

I do this at home before joining a Zoom session (yes, Spirit can transcend the internet).

I do this in the classrooms and yoga studios I use for large group demonstrations.

I do this in my client’s living rooms and kitchen tables before private at-home sessions.

My name is Krista Stanley and I am a medium. In addition to my mediumship practice, I can help you explore the meanings and symbols found within your dreams. I also speak and write about spirit communication.

I recently left my desk job and began my journey of practicing mediumship and dreamwork full-time.

Beyond sharing details about upcoming events and demonstrations, I will be using this blog to showcase to you the many helpful and loving ways that spirit assists us in our daily lives. 

Yes, as a medium, I can help you communicate with spirit directly. That is what I do. But what excites me is being able to assist you in making your own connections. I am not suggesting everyone is a medium. But everybody can communicate with collective consciousness. From your dreams, your meditation, and your moments of joy. Even if you might not feel it or see it, Spirit is omnipresent and has your best interest at heart.

If you’re interested in learning more, please go to “my practice” and “testimonials” and learn about booking a session with me.

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