On becoming a medium

The Gateway bridges the duality between the illusion and actuality, the landscape of becoming a medium.
The Gateway — photograph with digital alteration by Krista Stanley

The practice of mediumship requires a clear mind, direct intention, a fearless approach, and a deep desire to service the health of humanity; becoming a medium requires devotion, courage, and compassion.

becoming a medium

For me, stepping on the path to becoming a medium has been a lifelong journey. As a kid, I had a random ability to just know things. As I matured, I cautiously entertained these unusual ways of knowing. My clair-cognizance was a call-to-action. In fact, I felt compelled to explore the myriad ways clear-knowing manifested and what everyone had to say about it. Serendipitously, this led to my academic studies covering a broad-spectrum of disciplines.

an academic approach

I began with the Christian mystics, then moved to myths and historical legend, sacred ritual, metaphysical philosophy, psychological dissociative matrices, transpersonal psychology, archetypal astrology, vibrational radiesthesia, shamanic practice, dreamwork, and the quantum understanding of information transfer.

experiential practice

My introduction to mediumship came late in my studies, and I immediately recognized the practice. It is what I had been doing all along, spontaneously, but hadn’t known it was an skill that I could nurture. There is ample historical documentation of this practice of information exchange, and based on my experience, the phenomena is well-founded and its benefits, profound.

doing, teaching, writing

I obtained practical and teaching certification as an evidential medium and trance channel, as well as a dream ambassador for Moss’ Active Dreamwork. Also, I am NGH-certified as a consulting hypnotist specializing in past life exploration. I successfully defended my doctoral dissertation on trans-rational communication in 2019. I have a published essay “Entangling Dreams: A trans-rational encounter with the math of Psyche & Physis” in Quantum Psyche II: Quantum Psychoanalysis, and I lecture and teach about the interface between the manifest and un-manifest.

degrees, certifications & publications:


Stanley, K. (2021). Entangling Dreams: A trans-rational encounter with the math of Psyche and Physis. In F. Carminati, G. Galli-Carminati, & F. Martin (Eds.), Quantum Psyche II: Quantum Psychoanalysis. A compendium to Quantum Psyche.

degrees & certifications:

  • Academic Degrees:
    • Doctor of Philosophy, Wisdom Studies, Ubiquity University, Wisdom School of Graduate Studies, April 2019, Near-English Nonsense and trans-rational thinking: A mind meld with the In-formation Field. Advisor: Raymond A. Moody, M.D.; Consulting Expert: Calen Rayne, MFA, DMin.
    • Master of Arts in Wisdom Studies, Wisdom University, April 2011
    • Bachelor of Arts, Communication Arts, University of Wisconsin, Madison, June 1981
  • Tony Stockwell Trance/Progressive Mediumship Training:
    • Advanced Trance Connection Certification II, June 2021
    • Master Class Mentorship Certification, April 2021
    • Trance Connection & Associated Phenomena Certification I, June 2020
    • Advanced Spirit Worker Certification, Dec. 2019
    • Spiritual Teacher Training Certification, Oct. 2019
  • Evidential Mediumship Training:
    • Tutors affiliated with Arthur Finley College of Spiritualism & Psychic Sciences: Mavis Pittilla, Tony Stockwell, Brian Robertson, Simon James, and Janet Nohavec (2016-2018)
    • The Journey Within Spiritualists National Union Church: Reverend Janet Nohavec, John Holland, and The Journey Within affiliated tutors (2016-2018)
  • National Guild of Hypnotists:
    • Consulting Hypnotist Certification, Janice Matturro, January 2016
    • Past-Life Regression Levels I & II Certification, David Quigley, June 2016
    • Neuro-Linguistic Programming Level I Certification, Janice Matturro, March 2017
    • Ericksonian Induction Technique, Shaun Brookhouse, June 2017
  • Robert Moss Active Dreamwork:
    • Active Dreamwork Teacher Training – 3 Levels of Certification:
    • Teacher Training Levels I and II – July 2015; Level III – June 2022
    • Active Dreamwork Training, Esalen Institute, 2014
    • Weekend Workshops, Gore Mountain, 2015-2019
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