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Krista Stanley, PhD

a photo of Krista Stanley, PhD an intuitive medium, field guide, and teacher.

I am an intuitive medium. I practice both evidential and trance mediumship. I am a field guide for soul journeying and dreamwork, and I teach about our inherent connection to Spirit / Source Field / Field of Meaning.

I received my Doctor of Philosophy in Wisdom Studies from Ubiquity University, Wisdom School of Graduate Studies in 2019. My dissertation is a philosophical exploration of trans-sense thinking—how we engage with Spirit in a co-creative process.

Prompted by my doctoral research, I developed my skill as a Medium, training with many gifted international Mediums. I studied with Robert Moss and received certification as a Dream Ambassador in his Active Dreamwork technique. Additionally, I am an NGH-certified Consulting Hypnotist.

I provide individual mediumship sessions as well as demonstrate mediumship, teach mediumship techniques and facilitate Lightning Dreamwork.

I am a contributing author to Quantum Psyche II: Quantum Psychoanalysis edited by G.Galli-Carminati & F. Carminati (2020)—a compendium to Quantum Psyche. My chapter is titled, “Entangling Dreams: A trans-rational encounter with the math of Psyche and Physis”.

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