I offer three types of sessions — soul-to-soul, intuitive mediumship, and a three-session mixed bag that incorporates both. In all sessions, we work to connect with what truly matters, to feel our intuitive knowing, and to align with its wise counsel to affect positive change in our daily life.

Below are brief descriptions of each session type to help you decide which session is best for you.

a soul to soul reading for clarity and connection

Sometimes it can be helpful to have a second pair of “eyes.” If you are seeking clarity with unresolved issues or with disruptive, repetitive cycles, or looking for new ways to manage everyday burdens, then a soul-to-soul reading is a good place to start. In these sessions, we home in on what is truly important as it relates to your bigger story with all its hopes and dreams.

a mediumship reading for connection and change

Reconnecting with those who have transitioned from the physical to the spirit world can provide solace. If you are looking to connect with a loved one, an ancestor, a friend, or a beloved animal companion who has passed on; or perhaps you want an introduction to a spirit guide — a intuitive mediumship reading is the best choice for this sort of contact.

a mixed bag reading for clarity connection and change

Are you seeking to harness your intuitive skills and gain greater awareness of the many ways we “read the field”? This 3-session series is for those interested in developing their intuitive abilities. We work with dreams, synchronicities, psychic reception, as well as our ancestors and guides. We focus on what is in the “field” in the moment and open our receptive abilities. This practice opens us to wider spheres of wisdom and nurtures our relationship with our inner wisdom.

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I offer a group dreamwork session held monthly via Zoom. Everyone dreams, and this often-confounding stream of information is our most accessible connection with the field. Learning to work our dreams opens us to worlds of wisdom and makes reading-the-field a daily practice.

I also demonstrate and teach mediumship. Check my Happenings page for upcoming events and workshops.