I became aware of the ethereal realm of spirit as a child. I was just fine with this parallel world until I sought to understand it. Then I became confused. Descriptors of this elusive reality were either absent or downright scary. With only a murky point of reference I grew increasingly wary of my encounters. They felt unsettling, so I closed myself off; I thickened my boundary of perception. This initiative worked, kind of, but I continued to experience periods of connectivity. These spontaneous moments of lucidity had a cumulative effect and eventually shifted my focus. My uncertainty morphed into curiosity which prompted action.

I began what was to become a twenty year exploration of the phenomena I experienced as a child and young adult. I pursued spirit through cultural understanding, religious belief, sacred practice, metaphysical philosophy and experiential research. I became conversant in the myriad ways spirit communes as I allowed the ethereal to merge with my material world. I encouraged and was continually astounded by the exchange of information and the magnanimous nature of spirit. My journey has been wondrous and awe-inspiring and I am delighted to share this experience through my practice.

Degrees, Certifications & Publications:


Stanley, K. (2021). Entangling Dreams: A trans-rational encounter with the math of Psyche and Physis. In F. Carminati, G. Galli-Carminati, & F. Martin (Eds.), Quantum Psyche II: Quantum Psychoanalysis.

Degrees & Certifications:

  • Academic Degrees:
    • Doctor of Philosophy in Wisdom Studies, Ubiquity University, April 2019, Near-English Nonsense and trans-sense thinking: A mind meld with the In-formation Field. Advisor: Raymond A. Moody, M.D.
    • Master of Arts in Wisdom Studies, Wisdom University, April 2011
    • Bachelor of Arts, Communication Arts, University of Wisconsin, Madison, June 1981
  • Tony Stockwell Mentorship On-line Programs:
    • Master Class Mentorship Certification 2020
    • Advanced Trance Connection & Associated Phenomena Certification, 2020/2021
    • Trance Connection & Associated Phenomena Certification, 2020
    • Advanced Spirit Worker Mentorship Certification, Dec. 2019
    • Spiritual Teacher Training Certification, Oct. 2019
  • Mediumship Training In-Person Programs:
    • Mediumship training at The Journey Within — Janet Nohavec and affiliated tutors (2016-2018)
    • Training with visiting tutors Brian Robertson & Simon James, John Holland, Mavis Pitilla, and Tony Stockwell (2016-2018)
  • Consulting Hypnotist Certification, January 2016, Janice Matturro for the National Guild of Hypnotists, with additional certifications:
    • Ericksonian Induction Technique, Shaun Brookhouse, National Guild of Hypnotists, June 2017
    • Neuro-Linguistic Programming, Level I Certification, Janice Matturro, National Guild of Hypnotists, March 2017
    • Past-Life Regression Certification, David Quigley, National Guild of Hypnotists, June 2016
  • Robert Moss Active Dreamwork
    • Dream Teacher Certification, Level I and II, July 2015
    • Lightning Dreamwork Training, Esalen, CA 2014
    • Weekend Workshops on Magic Mountain, 2015-2019

Progressive Mediumship . Soul Journeying . Trance Communication . Dreamwork

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