about me

a photo of Krista Stanley, PhD an intuitive medium, field guide, and teacher.

I was a curious and fearless child. I jumped in the deep end before I could swim and skipped over the tricycle phase – hopping right onto a two-wheeler. Also, I was highly intuitive and saw things others could not. I knew my parent’s friends would divorce before anyone suspected. The appearance of our houses’ friendly live-in ghost elicited an initial fright that transformed into curious delight.

I also had a practical side that ultimately led to careers such as construction management where left brain thinking and attention to detail is critical. While I dotted my i’s and crossed my t’s, the real key to my professional success went back to my ability to “read the field” or manage information flow from unconventional sources. I could see all situational potentials leading to the proverbial train wreck far in advance, and I planned accordingly. I honed this skill over forty years in corporate management. Eventually, I grew tired of managing everyone else’s train wrecks, and wondered why they were not doing it for themselves.

I began studying the power of unconventional sources of information through a Doctor of Philosophy. Part of my coursework was dream work. One of my own dreams revealed my true calling. In my dream, cars were running scarily amok on the road. Suddenly a turquoise 1956 Roadmaster appeared and showed me how to tap intuitively into the unspoken feelings of the other drivers, seeing connections through the chaos. This Master revealed that the Road could be a richer experience by being open to other sources of information.

Today I work as an intuitive medium and field guide, helping the “Crossover Curious” – people who have had some “inexplicable experience” and want to learn more. Together we pursue clarity, connection, and change. When you connect with more than you know, you activate inner wisdom and live a richer life.

I call my company Soul Wize – our unconventional spelling reflects our embrace of unconventional connections to illuminate the wisdom within.