How I work

Drawing of Hindu goddess Tara displaying geometric lines that form the sacred geometry of the image.
Tara’s Sacred Geometry – graphite on paper with digital coloration by Krista Stanley

blending with the field

First, I expand into my auric field stretching my consciousness into the Field of Information (Spirit). As I feel the presence of Spirit build, I receive information in myriad ways – through my mind’s eye (clairvoyance), through smell or taste (clairalience or clairgustance), through my physical body (clairsentience), or through clear knowing (claircognizance).

I convey what I receive, as I receive it. This is how the conversation with spirit begins. As you, the sitter, assess the accuracy of the information and entertain its meaning the conversation expands and develops. There can be a single contact or multiple links during a session; some verifiable, some not. Every session is unique, both in the way spirit flows and the type of information conveyed.

I begin with verifiable information to establish the presence of spirit. Verifiable information helps establish the survival of consciousness, the existence of other realities, and the possibility of communicating with those realms.

other spirit contacts

Once a definitive link has been established, I expand into other streams of content, moving beyond the strictly verifiable. For example, an verifiable contact may provide unrecognizable information or segue into a non-evidential contact such as a spirit guide, or a past life resonance, or ancestral lineage that illuminates connections, understanding, and purpose.

finding your truth

For many, non-evidential information is suspect. In fact, verification by way of logical reasoning is paramount because otherwise we feel vulnerable. How else can we gauge accuracy? But logical reasoning, as the sole method of finding truth, particularly personal truth, has its limits.

In order to verify the non-evidential you must engage your five physical senses and your sixth intuitive sense. You observe if the information strike a chord, generates goosebumps, makes you cry, opens your heart, sparks the imaginal, fills you with love and compassion? You gauge the veracity of the information by the way it makes you feel.

ways of knowing

Logical reasoning is essential to functioning in the material world. But we also have access to intuitive knowing — a dynamic interconnectedness with an essential aspect of our reality. Together these ways of knowing provide a comprehensive strategy with life-journeying. Join me to venture into this way of knowing.

interpretive tools

By expanding your interpretive tools, you allow yourself to explore information potentials. You enter the flow or presence of the now, and observe what emerges from that entanglement. Then, you attune to how the information resonates; what is activated in you, and how it manifests in your world.

watch what crosses your path

Observe signs and symbols. Be surprised by serendipitous moments. Entertain synchronicities between incongruent elements, and mine their meaningful correspondences. Listen to your dreams. Move with the imaginal, and be aware of what manifests through you. This is how we participate, or more precisely, collaborate, with a mindful universe.

the sun nestled by a cresent moon and surrounded by stars

the krista vibe

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