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Connecting with Spirit

Schedule a meet up with Spirit. Each session consoles, informs and inspires, opening a channel of insight and compassion that empowers you. This is an opportunity to connect with Spirit and experience the grace that pours forth from this dimension of reality.

A Norman church build into an ancient yew tree. The yes tree is a symbol for the meeting place between the worlds
Door of a Norman chapel set in a yew tree, Chapelle Saint-Anne, Church of Notre-Dame, La Haye-de-Routot, France.
Photo: Gérard Janot, Photo Editing: Krista Stanley, Ph.D.

Scheduling a session

To schedule a meet up with Spirit click on the appointment type (below), and the scheduling calendar will open. Please choose a date and time from the available sessions, and then fill out the contact information. When I receive your request, I will send you a PayPal invoice for the session. Also, I will inquire if the session is to be held in-person or remotely via Zoom (see below). If the session is remote, I will send you a Zoom link.

COVID concerns

During COVID I held all sessions via Zoom teleconferencing. Now that restrictions are loosening I am willing to hold in-person sessions.

I am based in Katonah, New York. If you are local and would like an in-person session I request that you confirm full vaccination status. I am happy to hold Zoom sessions for those unvaccinated, living far-afield, or simply for the ease of a virtual session.

Zoom vs. In-person

Please note that the power of a session is not inhibited by holding it virtually. After all, Spirit communes virtually and their is no difference if you are sitting in front of me physically or in front of me virtually. I enjoy in-person sessions, but after a year of mandatory virtual session, Spirit is not inhibited by the virtual format and it will not impact the quality of the session.

Session-meet-up-with-Spirit Housekeeping:

. Consultation Call: If you are wondering about which session is best for you based on your need and intention.

. Individual Sessions are 30, 45 and 60 minutes.

. Two person Session is 75 minutes in length.

. Small Group Session (3-6 persons) is 45 to 90 minutes (dependent on group size)

. Larger group Trance Mediumship demonstrations upon request.

. Training Sessions upon request.

Pricing is included on scheduling calendar.

Pre-payment is required via Paypal. As soon as your appointment is scheduled I will email you an invoice. Once I receive payment I will confirm the appointment via email and include a Zoom link.

Punctuality: Please log into the Zoom session promptly and be situated in a location with minimal distractions.

Cancellations: Please provide 24 hours notice.

Latecomers: I provide a 15 minute grace period for latecomers.

Disclaimer: Sessions are for adults 18 years or older. All information is for personal and entertainment purposes and is not intended at any time to replace the advice, counsel or recommendation of any medical, psychological, legal or financial expert or any other professional service. Clients have free will at all times to make their own choices, and Dr. Stanley shall not be held responsible for the actions a client may or may not take as a result of their session

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