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My mediumship practice is eclectic, progressive and immersive. I work with spirit communication, dreamwork, soul journeying. I teach techniques in reading the field.

spirit communication


Mediumship is a soul-to-soul-to-spirit connection—my soul connects with your soul which connects with a discarnate soul or “spirit”. I provide verifiable evidence about the communicating spirit so you know with whom you are speaking.

Direct and verifiable information from spirit gives credence to the survival of consciousness beyond bodily death. This recognition eases feelings of loss, calms the pain of separation, and heals grief.

a photo of standing stones, sentries to other dimensions


Trance mediumship is channeled communication with Spirit. This mediumship technique fosters connection with ancestors, spirit guardians, guides, and inspirers.

Because channeled information is non-evidential, personal truths are recognized by a felt sense of the information e.g. goosebumps, tears, an overflowing heart, a deep sense of relief, and their meaningful correspondences.

Pen and ink drawing of three feathers illustrating the three aspects of my mediumship practice

intuitive reading

Sometimes it is difficult to recognize the obvious; it can be helpful to have an second pair of “eyes”.

A psychic connection is one in which my soul blends with your soul to perceive information that is in your “field”—information you may have overlooked, minimized or neglected. This connection raises your awareness. It addresses your bigger picture, and what is truly important in your life.


4-session intensive

This 4-session private mentorship series is designed to expand your intuitive abilities. I teach a nuanced approach to reading-the-field. I help you orient to the myriad ways we commune with the field — via synchronicity, meaningful coincidences, dreams, and psychic reception. With each session you develop discernment and learn to trust your innate ability to read the field.

This is a journey to the center of your Self; to your intuitive knowing. You gain mastery by fine tuning your skills. Your grow proficient with receiving information beyond subjective experience and/or acquired knowledge. You become your own guide, working with your fellow guides in the field. This work is empowering. It fills you with poise, confidence and strength. You participate more fully in this profound presence.


Dreams help you to find your bigger story, but they can be elusive and hard to understand. I practice Lightning Dreamwork—a vibrant method of working a dream, both individually and in groups.

This is a playful and creative technique to unpack your dream narratives. When you actively attend to your dreams—both waking and sleeping, you animate your bigger story and begin to understand the wealth of information you access every time you dream.

an illustration of the Chartres labyrinth illustrating the inward and outward journey of self-revelation

soul journey

Soul journeying is a deep dive into soul work. You meet up with your spirit guides, and use your imagination to connect with the Source Field, and journey through parallel realms. These journeys inspire self-revelation and spark deeper currents of illumination.

I use drumming to ease you into your journey. Afterwards, we explore the landscapes you traversed, and experiment with creative and expressive methods to integrate the wisdom into your daily.

the sun nestled by a cresent moon and surrounded by stars

the krista vibe

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