“WOW! I was on the edge of my seat! Your presentation was bright and informed.You have a big presence about you, and this is magnified by your ability to move into an altered state as you work. I had the real sense that anything you gave, you truly received! Authentic Seership!” – Tony Stockwell – Psychic Medium / Mentor Tutor

“My session with Krista was an incredibly powerful one. It sounds cliché, but it was truly life-changing to experience Krista’s gift firsthand. The insights and information I discerned from our session quickly helped me resituate how I have been approaching a really challenging relationship and have given me much more solace and freedom.” – Jenny H.

“I really appreciate the way you read. As fun as evidential mediumship is, it’s merely surface. What you’re doing is sooooo beyond that. It is exactly the kind of depth, insight, message, perspective that I’m looking for in my metaphysical/spiritual world. Your ability to see the LAYERS of what’s important is refreshing. What you’re doing captures the “why” for me…Your perspective really resonates with me (and my spirits!)” – Ashley O.

“Fantastic reading Krista. I especially liked the amusing way spirit identified herself and all the orbs dancing around your head at the end. Thank you.” – Louise C.

“Krista has a way of making her unique gift accessible and familiar. She quickly creates trust and connection, and her wisdom and expertise shine through. My reading was shockingly accurate. I participated in a group tutorial that was comfortable, fun and very informative. I highly recommend showing up for anything Krista offers – your life will be richer for it!” – Kathleen Troy – Life Coach

“OH my goodness!!! This is so crazy spot on my dear!!! In so many ways, I can’t even begin to tell you. And the sacred geometry piece…so spot on target. And, because of some tests that were done last week, I can give you further validation.” – Cheryl G. – Peace & Laughter

Stone Circle at Avebury, Wiltsure, UK.

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