The Language of Spirit is Imaginal

And our interpretive tools are emotive, intuitive, and synchronistic.

an imaginal landscape between heaven and earth where the veil between worlds is thin and the language of spirit is imaginal.

Mediumship is the practice of accessing information via a virtual field of information (Spirit). Consequently, mediumship is a mercurial practice, and requires a shift in my conscious state of awareness to blend with Spirit. This shift allows me to become conduit for the flow of information. Interestingly, the language of Spirit is imaginal, akin to dream-speak, so our interpretive tools are intuitive and synchronistic.

Establishing a link to spirit

If your are unfamiliar with the practice of mediumship I begin with verifiable information (evidential mediumship), which is critical in easing doubts and dissolving boundaries. Verifiable information opens one’s mind to the possibility of the survival of consciousness, and initiates a conversation with spirit.

A progressive approach to mediumship

Once a strong link is established I expand into other streams of content, moving beyond strictly evidential information. For example, an evidential contact may provide unrecognizable information or seque into non-evidential forms —a spirit guide coming forward; a past life becoming apparent; fellow travelers presenting themselves; ancestral landscapes illuminating connections and providing clarification.

This progressive approach is tricky because, for many, non-evidential information is suspect. Factual verification, by way of logical reasoning, is paramount in our world. But this singular method of verification has its limits.

A comprehensive strategy

“Non-evidential” is not necessarily non-verifiable. In order to verify the non-evidential the sitter must engage their five physical senses and their sixth intuitive sense. Does the information strike a chord, generate goosebumps, make you cry, open your heart, spark the imaginal, fill you with the divine? We gauge veracity by the way it makes us feel, how it resonates with our interior knowing, with our soul.

Logical reasoning and intuitive discernment are invaluable tools — we have access to both so we should utilize both. Together they provide a comprehensive strategy in making our way in the world. My work acclimates you to this balance of power, and the profound possibilities of participating with a mindful universe.

Modalities of my practice:

Trance Mediumship:

Progressive Mediumship can be strictly evidential, connecting you with a known loved-one-in-spirit, or it can expand into other streams of content (not always verifiable) e.g., ancestors, past lives, spirit guides, helpers and inspirers, angelic influences, etc

With Trance Channeling I move into a mild trance state for an unfiltered connection with spirit. Though I am aware of what is taking place, I am not mediating the exchange as wtih Progressive Mediumship.

Soul Journeying:

Soul Journeying: This is an immersive, meditative journey into soul purpose. Spirit guides and inspirers are invited to provide the landscape through which we travel as I track the path they lay before us. This is an immersive journey with spirit.

Active Dreamwork:

Dreamwork can be integrated into any of these sessions. Dreams illuminate unseen connections and inform on-going soul work. Their imaginal quality sparks imaginal thinking —a potent connection with the spirit realm.

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Krista Stanley, Ph.D

Trance Mediumship . Soul Journeying . Active Dreamwork

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