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The language of spirit is imaginal and our interpretive tools are emotive, intuitive, and synchronistic.

Mediumship is the practice of accessing information via a field of consciousness (spirit). This practice posits that mind (psyche) — memories, thoughts, emotions, beliefs, etc. experienced over a lifetime, endures after death. Access requires that I shift my conscious state to blend with the field to become a conduit for the transfer of information.

Mediumship is a mercurial practice, and my experience has taught me to say what I see, not what it looks like. I do not interpret what I see, nor do I try to connect the dots. If I am on the right track the client (sitter) recognizes the information as it relates to their life.

Oftentimes I begin a session with evidential mediumship, particularly if the sitter is unfamiliar with the practice of mediumship. I ask for only the first name of the spirit with whom they want to make contact. No other information is required. In fact, the less information imparted, the clearer my access to pure in-forming content. I provide specific information about the spirit and ask the sitter to confirm the accuracy of the information. Verifiable information is critical in easing doubts and dissolving boundaries to initiate a deeper conversation between the sitter and the spirit.

Once a strong link with spirit is established I expand my awareness to other streams of content. Each session is constellated by the sitter’s need so the session may continue as a sitter-spirit exchange, or it may shift in other directions depending on what the sitter wants from the session. For example, the initial presenting spirit may recede as another spirit comes forward. A past life may become apparent with information about alliances, skills or knowledge carried into this lifetime. A spirit guide may present themselves, or further an already established acquaintance. Ancestral lines with familial landscapes may come into view providing deep wells of connection and constancy.

This progressive approach can be tricky because non-evidential information, or information that is not immediately verifiable, is often suspect. It is my view that factual verification, and by extension analytical thinking, has its limits when working with the spirit realm.

In order to verify non-evidential information you have to gauge how it makes you feel—it strikes a chord, it generates goosebumps, it makes you cry, it opens your heart, it sparks your intuition, it fills you with the divine. You truly know it when you feel it. Verifiable information will do this as well, but we are sensate beings living in an ensouled world; we can feel the resonance of truth, and the presence of spirit, whether verifiable or not.

Photography by Steve Alexander: Labyrinth Crop Circle Sunnyside-Near-Redlynch-Sommerset June 22, 2015

A Progressive Mediumship session can be strictly evidential and oriented to contact with a loved one who have passed to the spirit realm, or it can expand into other streams of content (not always verifiable) to explore the spirit realm in myriad form e.g., ancestors, past lives, spirit guides, helpers and inspirers, angelic influences, etc.

A Soul Journeying session is an exploration of your soul self. It has strong resonant qualities, but is not necessarily evidentially oriented. Your spirit guides and inspirers are invited to provide the landscape through which we travel and, while in a light trance, I track the path they lay before us. This is an immersive, meditative journey where you travel with me through the realms of soul and spirit.

In a Trance Communication session I shift into a more complete trance state to establish a deep connection with spirit —this is a profound communion that is oftentimes a singular source of wisdom and assistance. Though I have awareness of what is transpiring I am not acting as an intermediary as in Progressive Mediumship or Soul Journeying. This is an unfiltered form of contact with the spirit realm.

Dreamwork can be integrated into any of these sessions. Dreams are great conversation starters when it comes to soul work. They have brought elusive reservoirs of information to the conscious level. Dreams illuminate unseen connections and inform on-going soul work, and their imaginal quality sparks imaginal thinking —a potent symbiosis when connecting to the spirit realm.

Progressive Mediumship — Soul Journeying —Trance Communication — Dreamwork

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