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spirit communication . soul journeying . active dreamwork

Krista Stanley

my mediumship practice

At The Krista Vibe, I practice:

  • progressive mediumship — I blend with the power of Spirit to connect you with your loved-ones-in-spirit, angelic guides and spirit helpers.
  • active dreamwork— we explore both your waking and sleeping dreams and use kairomancy, or navigating by way of special moments, to work with the information that arises in these dreamscapes to assist you in your daily life.
  • soul journeying & mentorship — you develop, refine, and expand your connection with Spirit to become a channel for the Lightfield.

connect with spirit

The aim of my mediumship practice is to connect you with ‘spirit’ or “the field” — a ethereal source of information, inspiration, and solace. I put you in direct contact with loved ones who have passed, spirit guides, and ascended masters.

transform grief

Grief is transformed when you connect with spirit. The finality of physical death gives way to a recognition that consciousness continues as spirit — our spirit persists and evolves. I present verifiable information about the contacting spirit so you are confident with whom you are speaking.

the healing goes both ways

Invariably, the healing goes both ways. The information imparted from spirit focuses your attention and assists with your endeavors. It is a healing balm that resonates and ignites keen awareness. It is important to recognize this connection with spirit opens a channel. Your recognition of spirit’s presence creates the space through which a boundless, infinite, resonant wave of love moves so that the healing can go both ways.

align with your soul purpose

Our spirit guides and inspirers assist us with our soul work. Communing with spirit guides, angelic inspirers and ascended masters resonates deeply within our being and opens us to transformative experiences. You gain clarity and realign with your soul’s purpose. This sort of self-discovery can change the way you walk in the world.

dream with your inner guides

Your dreams are an immediate connection with your inner guides, and listening to your dreams provides a gateway into the realm of consciousness where spirit dwells. Dreamwork is a practice that links the invisible and the visible, the imaginal and the intellect, the improbable and the serendipitous.

navigate by special moments

Kairomancy is navigating by way of special moments. It is a practice that seeks meaning in signs and symbols. I utilize this spirited practice in both mediumship and dreamwork. In fact, you use kairomancy every time you interpret a dream. It is a powerful tool for self discovery.

modalities of my practice

spiritual mentorship: I work with you to develop, or hone, your skill with accessing the realm of spirit, or the field of information. You will learn about connection and engagement —engaging your intuitive knowing, connecting with your guides, awakening to a mindful universe, and discovering the empowering forces working with you every step of the way.

mediumship: I provide “evidence” or verifiable information about the Spirit coming through so you know with whom you are speaking. I also expand beyond the strictly evidential into other streams of assistance e.g., ancestors, past life/dna connections, helpers and inspirers, angelic influences, etc. My practice is an immersive, meditative journey of discovery in which spirit assists in illuminating your path.

trance channeling: I move into a deeper trance state for an unfiltered connection with spirit. Though I am aware of what is taking place, I am not mediating the information exchange as with Mediumship. These sessions are a deep dive into soul work.

dreamwork: “A dream which is not interpreted is like a letter which is not read” (the Talmud). I encourage you to bring your dreams to any sessions. They are a powerful connection to the spirit realm, and illuminate and inform your soul work.

We are all trying to make our way in a world full of challenges. Experiencing your connection with spirit activates your intuitive self, connects you with your spirit allies, and aligns you with your soul’s purpose. My mediumship practice expands your awareness, forges your alliance with a mindful universe, and prompts you to take hold the reins of your heart.

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spirit communication . soul journeying . dream exploration