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Krista Stanley Ph.D

Trance Medium

As a medium I connect you with spirit — a magnanimous source of intelligence and grace.

Have you ever wondered:

  • What happens to our memories when we die?
  • Does our consciousness cease to exist?
  • Or do we continue in another form… as Spirit?
  • Are we integral to something bigger… Collective Unconscious, Mind-at-Large, or Akasha?
  • Can we access this dimension of reality?

Mediumship is grounded in the notion that consciousness, and personality, survives death and that we can access this virtual field of information.

As a trance medium I introduce you to spirit — a profound source of grace, wisdom, and compassion. I begin with your most present need—whether it is to connect with the departed, relieve grief, unpack a dilemma, or explore aspirations. I blend with this magnanimous field of intelligence. I provide survival evidence to open your mind and deep compassion to open your heart— both critical elements for a strong link and a powerful exchange.

This connection to spirit renews and revives. It lightens your load, eases worry, and provides solace. Some session descriptors from clients include: validation; deeper understanding; clear direction; clarification; peace-filled; inspiring; affirming; mind blowing. I put you in direct communication with spirit —a transformative experience in subtle and profound ways.

We are “wired” to connect with spirit. We receive/transmit ethereal streams of content all the time, most commonly through our dreams. Alas, we are not practiced at being informed in this way. I help with this. I demonstrate how we engage with this transpersonal dimension of reality and how to gauge the veracity of the information.

My practice will ease your doubts, focus your mind, broaden your perspective, and connect you with the numinous. If you have questions schedule a consultation call or dive in with a 30-, 45-, or 60-minute session.

Tara‘s Sacred Geometry (top) and The Gateway (bottom) artwork by Krista Stanley

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