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Krista Stanley, Ph.D

Trance Medium . Kairomancer

Krista Stanley, Ph.D.

The trance connection

As a trance medium I link with the power of Spirit. I work as a channel, providing you unfiltered access to inspired guidance. Accordingly, this Grace-filled encounter ignites your intuitive awareness. You experience the immediacy, and the potency, of this information and energy exchange.

Trance mediumship is not only about words, evidence, and philosophy; it is about feeling the power of Spirit. In fact, this felt presence is your portal into our ensouled world — a virtual dimension of reality sometimes called Spirit, Akasha, Unified Field of Consciousness, In-formation Field, Ground of Being, or, my personal favorite – Mind-at-Large.

If you are endeavoring to develop your intuitive radar and knowing of the heart, to raise your awareness, to live in the present moment, and to take charge of your life, this consciousness-raising experience will set you on the path.

Living your connection

Kairomancy is the art of working with symbols, synchronicities, and meaningful correspondences. In fact, you use kairomancy every time you interpret a dream. Indeed, the language of dreams—symbols, imagery, and metaphor, whose juxtaposition tells a story or conveys an idea, is also a language employed by Spirit. Yet, despite our familiarity with dreaming, we often struggle to understand the meaning.

As a Kairomancer, I help you attune to this dynamic language — to listen with more than cognitive reasoning, to observe with a eye for the serendipitous, and to playfully unpack elusive layers of meaning. In short, you become a kairomancer!

Journey of reconnection

We are all trying to find our way in a world full of challenges. When you expand your awareness in this way you forge a potent alliance with your soul and with the power of Spirit. In effect, you raise your consciousness to recognize information potentials that are truly important so that you can enact profound changes in your life.

The answers you seek are available once you know where to look and how to listen. Allow me to serve as your guide on this journey of reconnection to the power of your divine soul, to the power of Spirit, and to the wisdom, grace, clear vision and peace of mind this connection elicits.

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