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Krista Stanley

I link you with the power of spirit

As a medium, I link you with the power of Spirit. This connection provides inspired guidance and the felt-presence of Spirit. In fact, both evidential and trance mediumship provide “information and energy not limited by our conventional understanding of space and time that [is] receptive and expressive” (Wahbeh).

modalities of my practice

evidential mediumship

As an “evidential” medium, I provide verifiable information so you know with whom you are speaking. Also, I expand beyond the strictly verifiable into other streams of information and energy. These may be spirit guides, past-life connections, inspirers, angelic influences, etc. They may not be “identifiable” as someone you knew in this lifetime, but they will have strong resonant qualities nonetheless. Importantly, grief is transformed when you connect with spirit. The finality of death gives way to the recognition that consciousness continues as spirit, and our lifetime connections are enduring.

trance channeling

With trance mediumship, I provide an unfiltered connection with spirit. This deeper state of consciousness is often called “channeling”. When working as a evidential medium, I mediate the information that is coming through; I tell you what I am seeing in my mind’s eye or understanding by way of clair-cognizance. With channeling, I do not interrupt the energetic presence or information flow. For me, this is a purer form of the practice.

soul journeying & dreamwork

“your dreams are calling you to your bigger story” (Moss)

Both journeying and dreamwork are deep dives into soul work. I invite you to travel with your spirit guides for an immersive journey of self discovery. I use drumming to ease you onto the path and I call in your guides to help carry you along. With each session your gain clarity of purpose and alignment of your soul and ego aspects.

“a dream which is not interpreted is like a letter which is not read” (the Talmud)

Dreams are love letters from your soul. They are calling you to your bigger story. By paying attention to your dreams — both waking and sleeping, you awaken to the realm of spirit. You open a gateway to where spirit dwells. This action puts you on the path to your bigger story.


My mentorship training sessions are an opportunity to develop, refine, and expand your communication skills. You experience the language of Spirit in its many forms, and attune to how information flows between the realms. You gain confidence in ways of engaging with it.

navigate by way of special moments

This “language” attunement links the invisible with the visible, the imaginal with the intellect, and the improbable with the serendipitous. It is a practice that seeks meaning in signs and symbols, and navigates by way of special moments. It is a powerful tool as you learn how to listen and commune with a mindful universe.

Mentorship training expands your awareness and forges your alliance with a mindful universe. You live your connection with Spirit by activating your intuitive self and connecting with your spirit allies. You align with your soul purpose to walk in the world in a new way.

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