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The Hindu goddess Tara, a powerful spirit guide for a soul journey.
Tara‘s Sacred Geometry by Krista Stanley, Ph.D.

A soul journey with Spirit

Mediumship is grounded in the understanding that consciousness survives death. Also, that we can access this virtual field of information, or Spirit. As a trance medium, I connect you with this virtual field for a soul journey with Spirit.

Each session begins with your most present need. You may wish to connect with the departed, relieve grief, unpack a dilemma, or explore your deeper purpose. You set the intention for the session. Hence, you highlight how you want the session to unfold, and Spirit will match that need.

If you ever wondered. . .

  • What happens to our memories when we die?
  • Does our consciousness cease to exist?
  • Or do we continue in another form… as Spirit?
  • Are we integral to something bigger… Collective Unconscious, Mind-at-Large, or Akasha?
  • Can we access this dimension of reality?

Know that we absolutely can access this dimension of reality. We are “wired” to connect with Spirit, and engaging with Spirit in this way triggers an impulse that causes us to remember. It enlivens our soul-self and sparks our intuition which is how we discern meaning when working with Spirit.

Journey to your soul self

I provide three critical elements for a powerful journey. First, I infuse the session with compassion to open your heart. Next, I relay evidence of Spirit’s presence to free your mind (ego consciousness). Last, I convey insights and practical divination to engage your Mind (soul consciousness). To be sure, an open heart coupled with an open Mind is the elixir for an exchange that lightens your load, provides solace, and bestows grace. This connection with Spirit renews and revives.

Why journey with Spirit?

Spirit is cosmic consciousness; the collective unconscious; an ensouled universe; a magnanimous source of wisdom and intelligence. My practice of trance mediumship aligns you with this dimension of reality. Additionally, I introduce you to spirit guides, ancestors, and inspirers who support you in your endeavors, and provide clarification, clear direction, and inspiration.

We receive and transmit virtual streams of content all the time, most commonly through our dreams. Alas, we are not practiced at becoming informed in this way. I help with this. As your guide, I open you to the field of Spirit so that wisdom, compassion, and grace can flow into your conscious awareness and you can begin to work with it to change the course of your life.

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A photograph of an artistic garden gate surrounded by beautiful greenery. The gate opens to the understory of a Yew tree. Yews are known for regeneration and longevity, and are often found on church grounds as they symbolize death and resurrection and a portal to the spirit world.
The Gateway by Krista Stanley, Ph.D.
the sun nestled by a cresent moon and surrounded by stars
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