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As a medium I connect with spirit — a magnanimous source of intelligence and grace — so you can experience this transformative, numinous reality.

Have you ever wondered:

  • What happens to our thoughts and memories when we die?
  • Does our consciousness continue?
  • Is spirit a form of consciousness?
  • Is consciousness an ethereal dimension of reality?
  • Can we commune with this ensouled reality?

The premise of mediumship is that consciousness is primary, enduring, and persists as “spirit” when no longer embodied. Mediums provide access to this ethereal field of information.

There are many reasons for seeking a medium’s assistance: to connect with the departed; to resolve grief; to clear challenges or disruptive patterns; to gain clarity and sense of purpose; or to attune oneself to this realm of pure potential. Whatever the need, I connect you with this vibrant and magnanimous presence.

Mediumship should move you beyond verifiable information. It should connect you with the soul-force of spirit — a force that fires your heart, sparks the Imaginal, and opens you to a field of grace and life-enhancing support.

By holding my mind in a field of pure potential I perceive subtle flows of information that build within the field. I report what I see. I check for verification and understanding, and then I expand into a shared awareness. My practice provides a deep connective experience and affirms our participation with an ensouled universe.

The Lakota believe the path of the soul after death is the same as the path of the soul in dreams. As with dreams, the language of soul (and spirit) is imaginal. This multivalent language requires additional interpretive tools to access multiple steams of meaning. My approach to spirit communication is immersive and resonant. It engages the sitter’s emotive, intuitive and synchronistic thinking. It arouses their soul-self to resonate with the spirit realm. It opens a portal to deeper understanding.

Artwork by Krista Stanley: Tara‘s Sacred Geometry (top), and The Gateway (bottom).

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