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Krista Stanley

I walk a mystical path with practical feet

The purpose of mediumship is to connect with ‘spirit’— an ethereal source of information, inspiration, assistance and grace. There are many ways we can connect with spirit — that is the mystical part; learning to participate in a conversation is the practical part.

My practice opens you to your inherent connection with spirit. Becoming aware of this aspect of reality is transformative. You focus your attention to connect with a magnanimous source of inspiration. And you align your logical reasoning self with your intuitive knowing self— an empowering partnership.

We are all trying to make our way in a world full of challenges. When you expand your awareness in this way you forge a powerful alliance. In effect, you learn to connect with a mindful universe in which the answers you seek are well within your grasp.

learning to read the signs

Kairomancy is the practice of working with symbols and signs and navigating by way of synchronicities and meaningful correspondences. As a Kairomancer, I help you attune to this dynamic language — to listen with more than cognitive reasoning, to observe with a eye for the serendipitous, and to playfully unpack elusive layers of meaning. In short, you become a kairomancer!

In fact, you use kairomancy every time you interpret a dream. Indeed, the language of dreams—symbolic imagery and metaphor whose juxtaposition tells a story or conveys an idea, is a familiar language. It is a gateway to this subtle field of information, inspiration, and divine presence, linking the visible and the invisible, the imaginal and the intellect.

modalities of my practice

Below are descriptions of the different modalities of my mediumship. Some go deeper than others, so you choose based on what you want to get out of the session. And remember, your dreams are always welcome.

Evidential mediumship is for those wishing to connect with a loved one, known in this lifetime, who has passed into the spirit world. I provide “evidence,” or specific information, about the Spirit so you feel confident you know with whom you are speaking. This specificity provides evidence of life after life and demonstrates that we are still connected.

Progressive mediumship expands beyond the strictly evidential into other streams of content (not always verifiable) e.g., ancestors, past lives, helpers and inspirers, angelic influences, etc. This is an immersive, meditative journey of discovery in which spirit guides assist in illuminating your path that we travel together during the session.

Trance channeling is altogether different. I move into a deeper trance state for an unfiltered connection with spirit. Though I am aware of what is taking place, I am not mediating the information exchange as with Evidential and Progressive Mediumship. These sessions are a deep dive into soul work.

Dreamwork: “A dream which is not interpreted is like a letter which is not read” (the Talmud). I encourage you to bring your dreams to any sessions. They are a powerful connection to the spirit realm, and illuminate and inform your soul work.

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