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book a session
experience wider spheres of wisdom

introductory discussion

20-minute introductory discussion – Free
This is an opportunity to meet me, ask me questions, and to find out if my practice is the right fit for you.


60 min. Evidential Mediumship – $225
For those interested in making contact with loved one(s) who has passed to the spirit world.

45 minute Trance Mediumship – $225
For those interested in making contact with spirit guides, inspirers, or other non-evidential spirit contacts.

45 minute Psychic Connection – $165
The focus of this session is more on you than on spirit, to explore your present concerns and aspirations.

soul journey & dreamwork

60 minute Soul Journeying – $225
For those who want to journey with their guides and allies into the Source Field.

45 minute Dreamwork session- $165
For those who are interested in working with your dreams and learning to recognize and engage with the synchronicities they present in your waking life.


A series of 4, 60 minute sessions – $750
This is a deeper immersion into your intuitive abilities and connecting with the Source Field. These in-depth, one-on-one sessions explore multifaceted dimensions of consciousness, and how we can work with them.

small group session

90 minute small group session – $35 / person
Small group sessions are limited to 7 persons. Designed for established study or reading group or a group of friends who want to connect with spirit.

To book a mediumship session simply click on the desired appointment type (below). The scheduling calendar will open. Choose a date and time from the available sessions and fill out the contact information.

When I receive your appointment request I will confirm the date and time and email you an invoice requesting payment along with the Zoom link. Payment methods are PayPal, Zelle, or Venmo.


COVID concerns: I hold sessions via Zoom. I also offer in person sessions if you prefer, but this requires COVID-19 vaccination and boosted.

zoom vs. in-person: Meeting virtually does not inhibit the power of a session. It makes no difference if you are sitting in front of me physically or in front of me virtually. I enjoy in-person sessions, but after an extended period of mandatory virtual sessions, I have found the quality of virtual sessions are equivalent to that of in-person sessions.

punctuality: Please log into the Zoom session promptly and be situated in a location with minimal distraction. I provide 10 minute grace period for late comers.

cancellations: Please provide 24 hour notice if you are unable to attend the session.

disclaimer: Sessions are for adults 18 years or older. All information is for personal and entertainment purposes and is not intended at any time to replace the advice, counsel or recommendation of any medical, psychological, legal or financial expert or any other professional service. Clients have free will at all times to make their own choices, and Dr. Stanley shall not be held responsible for the actions a client may or may not take as a result of their session.

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